Avantasia - Devil In The Belfry

Devil In The BelfryAvantasia4:42

Текст песни Avantasia - Devil In The Belfry

I dropped off in the shadows they lead over tragedy
I open my eyes - blind by the spotlight
and what do I see?
Pushed by ambition been granted admission
to the hall of acclaim
She denied your affection
Now listen the whole world is screaming your name

I will forget her
but I won't forgive
The curtain has fallen
behold the messiah


Riding high
the devil on the crest
for all the world to see - forevermore

I am I - the devil in the belfry
I'll be glorified - forevermore


Is it a sin to learn to be able
to live without love?
And is it a sin to put love under will
and control from above?

Devil in my fingers - pleasure at my feet
Mind out of sight
The shadow I'll cast shall darken her world
And ghost her at night

With each song you'll die
A little for me
It won't leave a scar
'Cause I've drawn the curtain


Into the opera like moths to the flame
Spellbind their senses to follow the hero

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