Axel Rudi Pell - Nightmare

NightmareAxel Rudi Pell5:18

Текст песни Axel Rudi Pell - Nightmare

Lights Out, The Time Is Late,
Another Night On Your Own,
Welcome The Dark, Extinguish The Spark,
Will It Happen Again?
You're Screaming In The Night
And There's No Place To Hide.
You're Losing Your Mind And Your Soul.,
They Will Not Let You Go
The Devil, All Evil You Know And You Hate
Are Coming Together again, The Creatures Are Lying In Wait
Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Running Through The Nightmare,
Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Getting Out Of Hell,

Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Running Through The Nightmare,
Oh Ho Ho Hoh Hoh Hohh,
Laying Down A Spell
Lucifer's Demons Will Torture Your Brain,
Will The Sun Ever Shine,
The Slaughter, The Fear, No Escaping From Here
In An Endless Time
Your Sleep Is Full Of Fright,
The Lords Of Darkness Returned,
Now You Think That It's Too Late,
But You Cannot Awake...

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