The Killers - Carry Me Home

Carry Me HomeThe Killers3:44

Текст песни The Killers - Carry Me Home

[Verse 1]
Let me out
Don’t tell me everything
Started out like any other day
Must have gave the wrong impression
Don’t you understand where I belong?
I’m not the one
Stand again
They say nothing comes for free
And that’s the truth, I’ve been living in a fantasy
Slip and slide
A head trip heaven
Self-denial such a wonderful and powerful thing
Well I’m not the one

[Verse 2]
The morning dove sings with two broken wings
Carry me home
I’m not afraid
The stars in my eyes were shimmering lights
Carry me home

Don’t let me fade away

[Verse 3]
Stop the press
The kid’s light is growing dim
I took a month long slide
Then the world came caving in
When you self-destruct
You wind up looking for a glimmer of hope
But the writing’s on the wall
I’m not the one

[Verse 4]
Just how thick is your skin?
Just how sharp are your teeth?
Ohh,You’ve got a lot to learn
Is there somewhere else I can win?
Is there something else to start over again?
From the summits edge,To the cutting room floor
I will be afraid no more

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