The Killers - Heart Of A Girl

Heart Of A GirlThe Killers4:34

Текст песни The Killers - Heart Of A Girl

[Verse 1]
Looking out my window an angel in robe appeared and nearly pulled me apart
A million miles of freedom
A million miles of road
But I still don’t know where to start
She wrote her number down
She gave it to me
They had to scrape me off the floor
In this transient town
Waiters and dealers trying to get their foot in the door
That night I called her, she said

Daddy, daddy, daddy, all my life
I've been trying to find my place in the world
(I said to her)
Baby, baby, babe I got all night
To listen to the heart of a girl

[Verse 2]
I can see the time dripping down the clock
We've been trying to hear that ancient refrain
It's the one that knows us when our heads are down
It reminds us of the place from where we came
Where we came


What happened here? What is this world?
It's too far from the heart of a girl
Ripping the heart from the drop of a pearl
I'm on the shore waiting for the heart of a girl

[Verse 3]
Many doors
Knock on one
Standing still, time is raging
Staring down the mouth of 100,000 guns
You're still here, you're still here
I believe that we never have to be alone
Yes I believe it's just around the bend
You can hold it in, or you can scream it on the microphone
There is no end
There is no end

Deep in the night, I feel a presence
Of something that was long ago, told to me
There is a hand guiding the river
The river to wide open sea
And deep in my heart, ?
On any mountain, no I'm not afraid
Standing on stone, you stand beside me
And honor the friends that were made

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