U. D. O. - Leatherhead

LeatherheadU. D. O.4:09

Текст песни U. D. O. - Leatherhead

[Kaufmann, Dirkschneider]

Just Give Me A Reason
And I’ll Put You Down
You’ll Never Get Up
You’ll Be Deep Underground

You’re Like A Dog In A Manger
You’re Sickly With Sin
You’re Messing With Danger
That’s Where I’m Coming In

Don’t Count Your Chances
Your Chances Are None
Don’t Make No Advances
I’ve Only Begun

I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead
I Am Acoming – Leatherhead
Don’t Say Anything Or I’m Gonna Come Around

You Think You’re The Tough Guy, Hah
Well, I’m From The Streets
I Come From The Wrong Side
Wild Animals Meet

I’ll Kick Out Your Daylight
That’s Gonna Be Fun
I’m A Twenty-Four Carat
I’m A Son Of A Gun


I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead
I Am Aflame – Leatherhead
Leatherhead – That’s My Name – Leatherhead
Don’t Be Making Waves Or I’m Gonna Cut You Down

I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead

I Am Aflame – Leatherhead
Leatherhead – That’s My Name
I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead
I Am On Fire – Leatherhead
Don’t You Make A Move ‘Cause I’m The Guy From Central Evil
Don’t You Gimme Lip And Don’t You Make A Sound

Contract Double Dealing
Hired Killer Calls
Shadows, Alleys, Meetings
Concrete Overcoat

Deadly Information
Dossiers And Deeds
Assignments And Arrangements
All He Ever Needs

Take It As A Warning You’ve Got Nothing Left To Gain
You Don’t Wanna End Up With A Bullet In Your Brain

Laid To Rest – By Request
By The Best – By The Renegade
Icy Stare – Cold And Bare
You Beware Of The Renegade

Packages And Timers
Silencers And Guns
Connections And Debriefings
Aiming For The One

Technical Correction
Silent Fatal Skill
Obsession For Perfection
Validates The Kill

Take It As A Blessing You Won’t Here The Final Shot
Mercy For The Victim He Delivers Clean And Hot
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