Virgin Steele - I Will Come For You

Текст песни Virgin Steele - I Will Come For You

[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

Under tortured skies from a land with no sun
I will come for you
From Seven points of Darkness
beyond the mountains and the ruins
I will come for you
Across the Fields of Rage and Yearning
with Power in my hand
I will return, I will return

Once we had beauty our Sun blazcd in passion
We lived alive
Far from the reaching of closed minded preaching
We lived and died

Now all in darkness we wait for the end,
hunted by men of the cloth
Murder and torture, they rape and they slaughter
claiming thr Way of the Cross

Cast out from Eden baptized inta treason

with sighless eyes
lost clouds of reason, false hope burning season
a godless lie

whose god is stronger, who's made by its hand
primitive blood stains the sand
murder and torture they're raping your daughter
drunk with the blood of the lamb

fair child of the desolation cry to me,
under stars that have died
under skies of pain we are born
yea we are born, forever we'll be
oh my love I'll defy death and meet on holy ground

[repeat verse one]
Now like the sun, like the wind and the rain
I'll return like a storm, I will rise once again
'cross the oceans of time I am called by your voice
I'll return, I will return!!

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