Virgin Steele - Life Among The Ruins

Life Among The RuinsVirgin Steele6:02

Текст песни Virgin Steele - Life Among The Ruins

[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

Gunfire up in heaven no religion here
raping your salvation, the last sound that you'll hear
the snap of the noose the crack of the whip
the hangman's face is torn
in shameless crucifixion a savage nation's born

Behold the new messiah, arising from the wound
in rags of execution freedom is consumned

You are a rose you are a blade
I'm down on my knees in the dark in the fiery reign
life among the ruins

I've lived among the ruins walked among the dead
loved among the wreckage beneath a flag of red
communion of blood so bitter the cup
a union born of fear
creation and perdition a world within a tear

Behold the new messiah, arising from his bed
holier in silence, paler than the dead


[Chorus/with - I challenge you to love my bride of pain]

With the dying sun of autumn bathing us in gold
we walk the desolation hand in hand against the cold
while rampant runs the reaper all thru the barren plains
with sycthe in hand he reaches to harvest the last remains
in agony you stumble with a curse upon your lips you die
I can't feel you anymore
vengeance is mine!

[Chorus 2x/with - bare your breast and save this child of pain]
life among the ruins

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