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Прослушан1 694
01Hold hastPath of Resistance2:44
02Crown in a Dirt / Корона в грязиFallen Angels Crew2:42
03F.C.PDead End Tragedy2:10
04For My FamilyAgnostic Front2:22
05Порочный КругNext Round3:25
06Rockets With A MessageNasty3:22
07Право На ТрупFREERAGE2:15
08Question of LifeFear Rains Down3:30
09Famebitch HolocaustNasty2:46
10Better Ways To DieDeath Before Dishonor2:50
11Open your eyesDaily Broken Dream3:44
12Седьмая заповедьBrustwehr2:32
13Knight's CrossBlood Order Company3:34
14Ни Под Чьим ФлагомNext Round2:28
15Done got wiseWolfbrigade1:47
16Bloody Money2 Minutes Warning3:22
17Barren DreamsWolfbrigade2:09
18Fьr Das VolkW.U.T3:49
19I The Hunter (www.MediaFiles.Clan.su)Walls Of Jericho2:18
20Fly my soulTime Of Defeats2:21
21Stand To LooseThe Last Charge3:06
22Tuli Tanssii Kanssamme (O Fogo Dansa Conosco)Riisteterror1:51
23Pictures Of RealityFear Rains Down3:08
24Track 02xTyrantx3:39
25Silence Of The Shallow GraveAmbush2:06
26Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)Black Breath3:30
27Ненависть ко всему мируBrustwehr2:46
29Angels of the apocalypseFear Rains Down4:20
30Built To LastH8Machine2:24
32Слова БольшинстваTime Of Defeats3:39
34Смерть ЭпохиПрезумпция Невиновности3:36
35Борись автономно9 Вал1:30
36So Far From HomeDeath Before Dishonor3:02
37I have no faithRiisteterror1:19
38Zero ToleranceVoice Of Justice2:42
39What Makes Me SickVoice Of Justice2:15
40Track 09xTyrantx3:13
41In Your FaceThe Last Charge2:45
42Global Epidemic2 Minutes Warning1:56
43Хулиган-патриот9 Вал1:36
44Город революцийNext Round1:56
46Твоё МнениеNext Round2:27
47As The Blood Runs ColdNasty2:50
48CultTime Of Defeats4:26
49Destroyer of HopeVoice Of Justice3:34
50Track 06xTyrantx3:15
51Straight Edge SkinheadsSturmabteilungen2:54
52Страх СмертиUnsocial Spirit2:47
53We Start The FightDead End Tragedy2:57
54The Rise Of BrutalityHatebreed1:47
57I, SuicideThrowdown3:36
58Second LifeNasty1:48
59Heaven And HellNasty0:56
60Despise MeTrespassers3:26
61ZornAryan Brotherhood3:54
62DestroyBeg For Life2:36
63ConsumedBeg For Life1:56
64Unholy SerpentBeg For Life2:24
65Escape From DeathBlack Breath4:10
66VirusBlack Breath4:21
67Children Of The HornBlack Breath3:12
68To the DeathEarth Crisis3:26
69Cities FallEarth Crisis3:26
70What HorrifiesEarth Crisis3:07
71UnjustBitter End4:33
72BrokenBitter End4:31
73Guilty As ChargedBitter End2:39
74Let Me ForgetPunch0:58
75No RemorsePunch1:01
77Power insideThe Return of Hyde2:20
78BlamethrowersThe Return of Hyde3:39
79The newsThe Return of Hyde1:58
80white survivalMight of Rage2:25
81chemical reactionMight of Rage3:12
82anger insideMight of Rage3:17
83masqueradeMight of Rage1:59
84Своя ВераTEN TONN HAMMER3:25
85Мой Андеграунд - Моя Свобода (feat. Ненависть)Селен4:14
86Ignorant BlissTen of Swords3:18
87DiscontentTen of Swords2:28
88Zeneben az igazsagVendetta2:14
89Jo reggelt, Magyarorszag!Vendetta2:43
91revenge is gloryPay No Respect2:15
92you failedPay No Respect2:27
93game overPay No Respect2:49
94НенавистьBrood of Viper2:01
95Убивай, чтобы жить! (2010)x HATERAID x3:03
96ЗЛАЯ РОССИЯYou Must Murder3:44
97Minor ThreatMinor Threat1:36
98Guilty Of Being WhiteMinor Threat1:18
99Screaming At A WallMinor Threat1:31
100In My EyesMinor Threat2:49
101Out Of StepMinor Threat1:21
102Force FeedAgnostic Front2:49
105Hard TimesLionheart3:16
106Signs Of RealityDead Reprise2:32
107DeliveranceDead Reprise0:51
108PurilitiationDead Reprise3:22
109The PurgatoryDead Reprise2:35
111Ball Of DestructionMadball4:38
112Islam TerroristeBrutal Begude3:53
113ReveilBrutal Begude2:31
114The GraduateНеизвестный исполнитель1:52
115Resist or dieGENOCIDAL HATE2:31
116Fight their liesPainful Awakening2:55
117Break the ChainsPainful Awakening2:52
118Fuck your societyPainful Awakening3:32
119FuckedBlue Eyed Devils3:46
120Kill YourselfBlue Eyed Devils1:37
121ВрагEnd Of The Law3:22
122Price We PayChains Of Hate2:54
123Shaking BitchKill For Peace4:12
124Take a swingStraight Laced Nightmare1:25
125Nice TryThe Rival Mob1:13
126Diamonds Are Forever But You're Fucking NotYour Demise1:23
127Zero Tolerancex 9mm Solution x3:06
128An IntroductionBun Dem Out2:01
129HassCreated Hate3:03
1309. FreundeWolfskraft - Ritter Germanias2:04
131Emo NationBarcode3:08
132CP UNITYCapital Punishment3:45
133Bastard Set of DreamsDead to Fall4:22
134Generated By The SystemDespite The Lies4:25
135To Our HeroesDos Dias De Sangre2:24
136Die Erde eine ScheibeGlobal Infected3:35
137At The End AloneHate Squad5:26
138Booze HoundsHunter City Madness2:33
139Bringing It BackKnow The Score2:06
140Последний выстрелMinuala2:31
141No Path to FollowMorning Again3:42
144/ A Plague Upon HumanityUnit 7313:07
145UntamedIron Youth3:41
146Behavioral ResistanceRot In Hell1:42
147Будь собойИнсургент1:36
148КарательМаргинал 2822:52
149ПродуктВзрывные Устройства1:50
150Трезвей!Взрывные устройства1:55
151Чёткая граньВзрывные Устройства1:22
152Horror Stories And Fairy TalesCaliber3:07
153Blood BrothersCapital Punishment3:23
154Party HardDes Mafios2:27
155Daily Toilet TorturingDisastrous Murmur3:29
156Стой до концаRise As One2:35
157Ride OnSedition2:52
159Mundane LullabyThe Now-Denial2:42
160Long Haul/Solitary ConfinementxREPRESENTx4:59
162Death LoversAfgrund1:08
163Apathetic GenocideAll Out War4:27
164From Manipulation To MartyrAll Out War4:15
165The First Illegal ImmigrationHyperextenzy1:22
166Reason [Hardcore 2009] [musicore.net]Aspire10:59
167Burn Them AllCall For Blood3:38
168Машина террораDeath X Penalty2:33
169тотальный контрольdeath penalty2:32
170We Hate The WorldH8 Inc.2:20
172Действуй СейчасTake No Prisoners3:22
173ТеррорTake No Prisoners4:18
174Saturday Night CleaverXisForEyes3:13
175Прямое ДействиеТВ-183:27
176Fuoco della rivoltaHate for Breakfast1:44
177Il nemico l’uomoHate For Breakfast2:02
178L'alta moda veste solo puttaneHate for Breakfast2:40
179Angry BootboysBloodshed3:14
180Cult of True MurderersYOU MUST MURDER4:40
181Fury Of All GoreYOU MUST MURDER3:59
182Non Votare, Fotti Lo Stato!Still Burnin Youth2:03
183ApostleReign Supreme3:13
184IscariotReign Supreme1:33
185Blood On The SoilSix Ft. Ditch1:59
186March Of The S.F.DSix Ft. Ditch2:03
187Ready For CombatSix Ft Ditch3:22
188Time To Take It BackSix Ft. Ditch3:29
189VictimizedSix Ft. Ditch2:08
190StatevilleDo Or Die3:42
191UltimatumDo Or Die3:42
192Friends Family Forever)Death Before Dishonor3:14
193Boston Belongs To MeDeath Before Dishonor2:31
194Take Me AwayDeath Before Dishonor1:40
195Hate is comingPure Hate3:15
196Pain anger and screamPure Hate3:07
1979 mmHatepigs3:05
198Choke DownMoshpit2:48
199Revolt from withinMoshpit2:43
200Feige, Faul und HasslichBrigade M0:51
201Hate_by_www.rac-forum.orgBrigade M1:34
202Homofobe KontebonkersBrigade M3:20
203Dead WeightVow Of Hatred2:09
204Fat FuckVow Of Hatred2:21
205Were Glad Youre DeadVow Of Hatred2:14
206Deadly PiqueniqueFury Of Livez1:34
207Romeo Must DieFury of Livez1:55
208Broken GlassCruel Hand1:24
209Under The IceCruel Hand1:30
211Hated Of The WorldIntegrity4:14
212Still CrucifiedAll Out War3:53
213Straight Towards ExtinctionAll Out War3:04
214Fucking dealt...Race Riot2:21
215Declare your warRace Riot2:11
216Hardcore's DeadxBarcadiax2:32
217By The KnifexDestroy Babylonx4:46
218Militant LifexDestroy Babylonx3:58
220ConspiracyFirst Blood4:13
221Just look aroundFirst Blood2:50
222Broken BodyBury Your Dead4:30
223Swan SongBury Your Dead3:59
224Ehre den Helden - СкачатьMurder Squad2:55
225Hang Up Your BootsSLAPSHOT2:45
226Eat ShitxBishopx2:21
227Old HabitsxBISHOPx2:53
228Hidden Track 2Bishop2:34
229Burn This CityRecon0:44
230Laid to RestSince the Flood2:56
231Valor And VengeanceSince The Flood2:21
232Back to the StartH8Machine1:40
234I Can See BloodMindsnare2:14
235Deep SixOn Broken Wings2:48
236I Do My Crosswords In PenOn Broken Wings3:16
239I don't knowJoe Frustration2:43
240No way outJoe Frustration2:09
241Der Mann in roter RobeWhite Aryan Rebels3:05
242I will find you.Total War2:05
243To think of you...Total War3:19
244Better off DeadAmbush2:18
245No More PainAlpha And Omega2:19
246My WeaponDisagreed1:55
247Downward HarmonizationConfines2:16
248Lost and AloneBrutality Will Prevail3:13
249BitterBrutality Will Prevail3:07
250To Live And To Die In Vain.mp3To Kill2:01
251GolemTo Kill2:27
252This Is OursWill To Live2:21
253So Much MoreWill To Live3:11
254The WolfThe Banner2:29
255Waiting For The DaySick Of It All2:25
256Quiet ManSick Of It All2:40
257DominatedSick Of It All2:09
258IncisionsRemembering Never4:17
259Con ArtistRemembering Never2:59
260lighthousePitch Black Forecast4:15
261HaltPitch Black Forecast1:26
262Turha Valitta PienistaHero Dishonest1:11
263The Biggest AssholeHero Dishonest1:52
264Wet RectumBloodshed Remains5:06
265Beast in meAtria3:08
267За Кровь И Нефть (For Blood And Oil)Outlaw Heroes Standing3:25
268Сцена Слепоты (The Scene Of Blindness)Outlaw Heroes Standing2:32
269Серые Улицы (Grey Streets)Outlaw Heroes Standing1:51
270SeallasOdio X Odio2:15
271Magyarok vereVendetta3:48
272A liberalizmus csodjeVendetta3:55
273Shiv In Your BackOne Life Crew1:21
274Crime Ridden SocietyOne Life Crew2:15
275Позиция силыComplete 3.142:43
276ОбернисьComplete 3.142:50
277Bring Down The WorldAngel Crew3:09
278Pit BeastHoods3:28
279Hurt YouMadball0:43
280Dark HorseMadball2:43
281Spider's WebMadball2:05
282УлицыComplete 3.143:20
283Blood On Your HandsxDeviantx2:54
284My ChoicexDeviantx1:52
285My PainxDeviantx2:27
286Black LakeAlaska2:33
288Cross/ CrownAlaska7:17
289Over The Yearsta Life2:06
290Hardcore RulesTA LIFE1:21
291As OneTa Life1:55
292The BlackpathA Death For Every Sin2:17
293Towards The EndA Death For Every Sin2:10
294Suffer The LossA Death For Every Sin2:37
295Side By SideBackbreaker2:14
297Take ControlBackbreaker1:20
298- Pray for ThemDo Or Die3:16
299No Heaven. No Hell.Her Nightmare3:39
300Save Your SoulHer Nightmare2:31
301Class WarHer Nightmare3:19
302Все что хочешьThe Unsubs3:10
303Сильнее ВсехThe Unsubs4:10
304Бей по зубам!The Unsubs3:01
305Мое отвращениеThe Unsubs2:37
306NothingNext Step Up3:34
308En El PitVersvs2:58
309True TestamentRuckus3:36
310Taste The SteelRuckus3:14
311На Системе (demo)КИБОРГ2:17
312My JusticeINDEPENDENZA3:27
314A Bitch Iz A BitchINDEPENDENZA4:39
315Невиновных нетDeath Penalty1:59
316DeadhorseA Town in Fear3:20
317ПравосудиеDeath Penalty4:46
318Telephone Tough GuyCold Hard Truth2:46
319Line Of FireCold Hard Truth2:24
320Deliver the Fear (feat. Pelbu)Cold Hard Truth3:53
321Natural AssasinPale Creation2:44
322HomosexualChaos 880:52
323Dirty WhoreChaos 881:36
324Bite the Hand that FeedsBehind Hope Lies Failure4:23
325Leaving Las VegasBehind Hope Lies Failure3:22
326PlisskenBehind Hope Lies Failure3:22
327Cycles of SufferingCold Hard Truth3:20
328Die Hard... Or Die HarderCold Hard Truth4:34
329Skinhead RebelHatelordz1:18
331Bitch Called LifeHatelordz2:26
332Sag mir werFull Of Hate2:54
333National StreetcoreFull Of Hate1:41
334- I Hate YouForce Fed Hate2:38
335Dead Man WalkingForce Fed Hate1:59
336- StrikebackForce Fed Hate2:23
337Written wordEMPIRE FALLS0:59
338AntisocialEmpire Falls1:41
339AmbitionEmpire Falls2:20
340Spur 11BURNING HATE0:06
341Is it too lateBurning Hate3:40
342G.N.L.S.Burning Hate3:13
343Browntown Burning DownAngry Aryans1:45
344My WayIron Youth1:28
345Policy of truthHoax Utd.3:26
346From friend to foeInborn Hate2:24
347HateInborn Hate2:17
348In the name of freedomInborn Hate2:54
349Too Cool for the CauseInsurgents1:45
350S.O.S.The Insurgents2:29
351Wasted SoldierThe Insurgents2:50
352In cold bloodOperation Racewar3:00
353Nothing To Believe InOperation Racewar4:38
354UnderdogOperation Racewar2:15
355My ragePure Hate3:50
356Power and pridePure Hate3:30
357WarriorsPure Hate2:20
358Feast of the JackalsDeaths Head3:52
359Ghosts Of DresdenDeath's Head6:14
360Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow, ForeverDeaths Head4:25
361If we beliveGuiltily the Pain2:13
362Happy BirthdayGuiltily the Pain0:43
363Already DeadSedition1:20
364Pay The PriceLast Battalion1:54
365Our BloodLast Battalion2:25
366Ask No Questions,Told No LiesLast Battalion2:39
367WerwolfLegion of Thor3:28
368HateLegion of Thor3:05
369BerlinLegion of Thor3:45
370Wild animalsBETRAYED BLOOD2:16
371More rage than fearBETRAYED BLOOD1:58
372Last days of convictionBETRAYED BLOOD2:20
374Immer weiterThrima3:07
376Политики9 Вал1:32
377Хардкор проти коммі9 Вал1:56
378Znak orla9 Вал3:00
379Through The Eyes Of A DreamerWalls Of Jericho2:39
380A Little Piece Of MeWalls Of Jericho2:30
381A Trigger Full Of PromisesWalls Of Jericho3:49
382Discovery Of JonesWalls Of Jericho4:14
383OccupationFirst Blood2:51
384TruthFirst Blood1:22
385ResistFirst Blood1:24
386SilenceFirst Blood0:53
387UnabomberBilly The Kid3:54
388Ted BundyBilly The Kid2:53
389JauriaBilly The Kid4:22
390Death SquadsAmerican Me1:44
391Black Malicious LieAmerican Me2:20
392Attribute Of The StrongAmerican Me1:49
393The Sound Of The Horn Is The Signal Of The StormHonour Your Blood2:14
394Raging WarmachineHonour Your Blood2:37
395All About Honour - All About FaithHonour Your Blood2:24
396Shut OutBack Of Tha Neck3:00
397Hated By AllBack Of Tha Neck4:22
398For The DedicatedBack Of Tha Neck2:35
399Sin Principios, Sin FinalDias Cruciales3:51
400Cruzada De HipocritasDias Cruciales2:58
401Circulos De PerversionDias Cruciales4:59
402Act Of BraveryAnger Within2:14
403John DoeReborn To Conquer4:53
404A New SalemReborn To Conquer2:48
405UndisputedReborn To Conquer1:11
406Eye of the tigerHoax Utd.4:08
407Erase all hopeHope for the Weak2:51
408UpriseAnger Within3:38
409In God we trustAnger Within4:47
410HatredAnger Within3:26
411СудьбаFallen Angels Crew3:18
412Строилось веками, разрушеноFallen Angels Crew3:36
413Кровь и плотьFallen Angels Crew2:55
414Never ReturnBorn From Pain2:51
415Death And The CityBorn From Pain2:44
416Fallen angelBorn from Pain2:53
417Our time will comePath of Resistance2:09
418MentieraPiece By Piece1:20
419I Don't Care About YouPiece By Piece2:10
420DefeatPiece By Piece1:52
421There's No Love HereDonnybrook1:48
423RepressionHarm's Way2:23
424Warriors Will ReignHarm's Way3:15
425Human HunterHarm's Way2:37
427Tentacles Of EvilutionProvidence4:28
428This Is Filthy ParisProvidence4:45
429Carry OnModern Crimes2:43
430Life I TakeModern Crimes1:59
431RelentlessModern Crimes3:25
432PrantPitboss 20000:51
433xGirls Can't Be Straight EdgexPitboss 20001:45
434BelgiumDes Mafios3:52
435The ShowDes Mafios3:26
436U Becoming YouSaving Grace4:59
437PukelipsSaving Grace3:35
438UnbreakableSaving Grace4:33
439Mister EveningWish For Wings3:47
440Hang 'Em HighWish For Wings2:22
441The WarriorsNone Shall Be Saved2:56
442Story Of CourageNone Shall Be Saved3:27
443MoreNone Shall Be Saved2:51
444Pray For DieZephirum2:36
446Under My HandsZephirum3:42
447Organized NoiseShed NO Tears3:23
448ParanoidShed NO Tears3:12
449The Fall of the TyrantsShed NO Tears5:34
450Kranker BastardShed NO Tears3:17
451Enemy DownCold Hard Truth2:59
452Punisher (feat. Pelbu)Cold Hard Truth3:19
453Blood and Flesh / Кровь и плотьFallen Angels Crew3:24
454Reality Trip / Путешествие в реальностьFallen Angels Crew2:30
455Pray for themDo Or Die3:16
456My four wallsDo Or Die5:21
457Six feet underDo Or Die3:38
458B.F.Do Or Die1:55
459No One Is Safe, Not Even The DadSix Ft. Ditch2:29
460This Is The Zodiac SpeakingSix Ft. Ditch2:24
461With Two FistsSix Ft. Ditch3:12
462White RabbitSlapshot4:21
463Rap SucksSlapshot2:01
464Digital WarfareSlapshot1:56
465SurpriseSave Our Land3:04
466- ManhuntSave Our Land3:19
467Город мечтыPray The Martyr3:21
468drink your drink and fuck offsave our land2:04
469Drop Out And DestroyHellmouth2:03
470Crooked TeethHellmouth2:58
471Blood Of PigsHellmouth1:49
472Turk 182Deadguy2:27
473Human PigDeadguy2:53
475UnconqueredxThe Warx3:26
476Slipping AwayXthe Warx1:51
477Priest Of PainxThe Warx2:38
478Raw SorceryHang The Bastard3:37
479Failed HarvestHang The Bastard3:20
480Doomed Fucking DoomedHang The Bastard3:26
481I Will Be HeardHatebreed3:01
483Livin' To DieNeglect2:00
484No Estas SoloRest In Hate2:26
485head on a stickxfilesx1:07
486Total ControlFight Everyone4:11
487Piste 03Embrace Destruction3:30
488Piste 01Embrace Destruction2:40
489a new plan for dominationEMBRACE DESTRUCTION3:10
490Fuck LifeNeglect6:07
491Up Against the WorldFight Everyone3:42
492Sink Or SwimFight Everyone3:58
493The Darkness And The ShepherdDescend To Rise3:30
494School of pain and fearBand of Brothers3:52
495Hunting SeasonHunting Season2:27
496Double ZeroRun With The Hunted3:16
497Reversal Of FortuneRun With The Hunted4:06
498No EscapePainful Life3:03
499Szabadnak szulettunk_by_www.rac-forum.orgThe Worst Nightmare2:39
500VerfarkasThe Worst Nightmare3:18
501White American YouthThe Worst Nightmare2:16
502Sotto controlloEvil Church2:11
503Vatican business clubEvil Church2:29
504Catastrofe_by_www.rac-forum.orgMacchina Targata Paura2:36
505PalestinaMacchina Targata Paura0:42
506PanzerfaustMacchina Targata Paura1:51
507Hang emHunting Season3:58
508White ForceHunting Season2:52
511БытьЗлая Стая vs 2КF1:53
512Youth Of TodayStraight To Your Face2:21
513Nights Like TheseStraight To Your Face1:40
514Come And Get ItStraight To Your Face3:16
515Добивайся всего сам!Usama Beatdown3:10
516Слуги НародаAgainst The Lie3:34
517Дорожка 6Cross Demise1:54
518Тени НапалмаBeretta Voice3:31
519Может Быть Это СныBeretta Voice4:04
520Душу На ЧастиBeretta Voice4:17
521Выстрел БереттыBeretta Voice2:52
522Fed upH8MACHINE2:00
524Broken awayH8MACHINE2:09
525Жизнь в нашем миреxTank A.D.x1:38
526Nuestra CanciуnLider-13:00
527El ComienzoLider-11:46
529People Will DieMurder Death Kill3:33
530No More SanctuaryMurder Death Kill2:37
531Kill YourselfMurder Death Kill3:28
533pray the martyr;pray the martyr4:10
535Silent SinsIron Rain2:08
536Illusion Of TruthIron Rain3:25
537Towards a New DawnVenia2:17
538Hand Of SecurityVenia2:17
540No Care EverRooks4:12
542Первый шаг5 Тонн Сверху3:45
543Еби систему5 Тонн Сверху0:46
544Когда мы вместе5 Тонн Сверху4:11
545ВозрождениеChainsaw Bloody Strike/Chainsaw Bloody Strike4:22
546КаменьChainsaw Bloody Strike3:53
547Моя ЦельChainsaw Bloody Strike4:31
548Disciplina di stradaNo Prisoner1:52
549Liberaterra liberouomoNo Prisoner1:45
550Dove ci va'No Prisoner1:54
552La batallaCustodia2:24
553De vuelta al caminoCustodia2:38
555Позиция КлинхедаAnti-Security4:10
556Anti-Security - Город мойAnti-Security4:22
557Rise up to fight for lifeBoris Бритва1:45
558ЩИBoris Бритва1:04
559Псина системыТвёрдая позиция/Hard Stance3:13
560What Goes AroundTake Offense3:13
561Walks Of LifeTake Offense0:28
562The Hand Of TimeTake Offense2:46
563DeadlineTake Offense2:08
564SundownMiles To Go2:01
565Шаг вперёдТвёрдая позиция/Hard Stance2:58
566Камень в спинуТвёрдая позиция/Hard Stance2:35
567So ColdFull Blown Chaos2:37
568Never AgainFull Blown Chaos2:49
569Against The GrainFull Blown Chaos1:42
570Mi Verdadera FamiliaThell Barrio4:09
571CaerThell Barrio2:28
572Antes de MorirThell Barrio3:53
573This is WarThe Last Charge2:54
574RepresentingThe Last Charge2:32
575- SubmissionNasty2:45
576Zahltag2 Minutes Warning2:23
577Counter AttackThose Opposed2:51
578Fortunate SonTears of Frustration1:44
579Hold My BreathTears of Frustration1:55
580Case ClosedTears of Frustration2:14
581Prisuda VinovenDan Koloff3:14
582No Moral Restraintsdan koloff3:30
583korona ot trunidan koloff3:03
585S'InkazzaCarlos Dunga1:47
586The Cleansing StormBlack Haven2:48
587my havenBlack Haven2:14
588hollowBLACK HAVEN2:12
589The SoberCasey Jones1:32
590Meaner Than A Junkyard DogCasey Jones1:24
591Fisher Price My First FriendsCasey Jones2:42
592Today Friends, Tomorrow EnemiesAlea Jacta Est3:50
593PatriotaAlea Jacta Est3:44
594Morituri Te SalutantAlea Jacta Est3:22
595Red StandardCrimson Spectre1:21
596Masque Of The Red DeathCrimson Spectre1:43
597Family Tree Of RegretCrimson Spectre1:51
598Boiling PointSs Decontrol0:51
599Гибель КультурыxVERDICTx4:37
6001 Vs. 1000xVerdictx4:21
601Час расплатыmts2:13
602MTS - ПриоритетыMTS -3:00
603mts - лицемерmts1:49
604My WayBlack My Heart2:28
605Remember MeBlack My Heart2:53
606We Weren't Brought Up RightBlack My Heart3:23
607Four Years Too LateKilling The Dream3:38
608LifelessGuns To Town3:28
609All Will SufferShattered Realm1:56
610Eat ShitShattered Realm0:55
611ShowdownShattered Realm1:39
612UMEFIGHT - не твоё делоUMEFIGHT2:12
613UMEFIGHT - Вместо ПравдыUMEFIGHT1:52
614PendulumModern Life Is War1:39
615Fuck The Sex PistolsModern Life Is War1:04
616D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.SModern Life Is War2:22
617The Sinful Nuns of Saint ValentineMykado7:21
618Looking GlassMykado4:42
619Ghetto Ain't Hard, Ghetto Is HellCDC3:14
620Crowd WarCDC2:54
621Cool Dudes ChillenCool Dudes Chillen2:19
622Good IntentionsGorilla Biscuits0:29
623DegradationGorilla Biscuits1:33
624Cats and DogsGorilla Biscuits1:35
625My Cross To BearBane4:45
626End With An EllipsisBane3:29
627Ali V. Frazier IBane2:45
628Внутренний Фронт (New Version)Double Trouble1:52
629Кровавый СпортDouble Trouble2:30
630Живей Всех Живых (NEW SONG!!!)Double Trouble3:06
631Dead Since The WombRemassacre4:14
632Beaten With A Blunt EdgeRemassacre3:40
633Your Reflection Disowns YouRemassacre4:03
634Теория ТеррораКОNTRОЛЪ ZЛОSТИ3:43
637World CollapsesAwaken Demons2:47
638Victim Of Your GameAwaken Demons3:20
639Path Of LiesAwaken Demons2:53
640Dead End TimesRusty Nailbomb2:50
641One DayOperation Racewar2:24
642Madness Equals FreedomStraightlaced Nightmare2:32
643Fick Dich!Fight Tonight3:10
644Hatecore Whip (Chibata Hatecore)Bombastica3:26
645Femenist From HellBombastica4:01
646Back Against The WallLevedia3:15
647The Sign Of VictoryLevedia2:42
648BrotherhoodMurder In Society3:01
649GehirngeficktNational Born Haters3:46
650HatemachineNational Born Haters2:05
651Day To DayKilling With A Smile2:59
652You Are Against UsKilling With A Smile3:04
653Corrupt GovernmentBofors1:12
655In My BloodLider 12:20
656BurnLider 12:14
657Оставайся собойТрезвый заряд2:57
658Смерть На ДорогахЗаряд Ненависти1:33
659заряд ненавистиЗаряд Ненависти1:38
660АгрессияЗаряд Ненависти1:02
661My ReactionMain S3ke3:53
662Your Picture Hung ItselfMost Precious Blood2:21
663Curse Of The ImmortalMost Precious Blood0:38
664AloneMost Precious Blood2:33
665Spit On The Their FaithKarysun4:08
666Landing HellKarysun2:01
667Fight DarknessKarysun3:42
668Moya TenLos CabanoZ2:44
669Tvoy ViborLos CabanoZ4:23
670Ненавижу Педиков!Los Cabanoz3:34
671Бей Первым!Los CabanoZ2:26
672Хватит терпетьLastblow1:56
674Ready For RevengeSTRIKE EACH OTHER2:33
675Paper DollShockwave2:21
676Merge For The KillShockwave2:45
677The Ultimate DoomShockwave2:47
678Your FreedomNo Innocent Victim2:03
679Life DebtNo Innocent Victim2:46
680Strike Each OtherScreamin Silence2:32
681Bad DayScreamin Silence2:57
682Your Pleasure, My PainSeventh Star3:03
683The Seventh StarSeventh Star3:01
684Chasing The WindSeventh Star3:05
685Time To RageSworn Enemy2:21
686The Beginning Of The EndSworn Enemy3:20
687Here TodaySworn Enemy3:34
689Facecast-04-she's got a dickFacecast3:18
690Blowing Up (Your Mum's John)Facecast3:55
692Let GoBlind Ambitions3:49
694Damage control freakMost Precious Blood3:19
695MonasteriesSeven Sisters of Sleep2:55
696MonasterySeven Sisters of Sleep2:54
697Tide Is RisingSeven Sisters of Sleep3:32
698Bomb the SystemSkarhead2:59
699Fuck the SceneSkarhead2:33
700Day Fifteen - CitizeNihilisttrap them2:50
701Day Twenty: Flesh And BelowTrap Them2:19
702TargetsTrap Them2:17
703делай как яSharks1:46
705Оставь сомненияSharks3:41
706Never Be Like YouGrave Maker5:19
707Troy, You Are The Master At The Art Of Time SuckageHand Of Mercy3:39
708B.F.L.No Retreat2:50
709Pray for PeaceNo Retreat3:10
710I Won't ChangeTears Of Frustration3:00
711Back to backUnderdog2:50
712Keep Your Head UpTears Of Frustration2:12
713Taking It BackAll For Nothing2:14
714Non believerDemons2:34
715Aside From YouAnother One Dead2:22
716Loved By FewAnother One Dead3:08
717Fight HarderBlood Stands Still1:38
718Мы и Они feat. Turbo LaxBroken Chain3:17
719ImmortalityEmbraced By Hatred3:34
720New DayFigure Four2:30
721- Devotion measures strenghtIcepick2:14
722Real Recognizes RealIcepick4:01
723This Can Never Be UndoneIcepick2:30
724Lose ControlRhinoceros1:06
726Krah sistemiUdar v Nikuda4:06
730Clones vs ClonesTeamkiller1:48
731ПаразитУдар в никуда2:40
732Наша милицияУдар в Никуда4:23
735Mix_One_FinalL SICK2:44
736One True ThingToo Pure To Die2:52
737For Me This Is LifeToo Pure To Die3:12
738First To FallToo Pure To Die2:09
740RegretMurder Within Sin2:17
741Enemy Of MindMurder Within Sin3:11
742All With YouMurder Within Sin3:24
743Past Still PresentMonument The Ghost1:30
744Harvesting HumansMonument The Ghost1:55
745Face FirstMonument The Ghost2:01
746Our RevengeJack Napier3:26
747SpiralsIn A Blind Fury2:56
748Diamonds Are ForeverIn A Blind Fury3:12
749Blender feat. Flo of CIRCLE OF DEATHIn A Blind Fury2:29
750Not Just WordsBrothers In Crime3:03
751A Neverending FightBrothers In Crime3:24
752Under one sky -Under one sky -3:21
753Under one sky - Negativity feeds my fireUnder one sky4:11
754Stay NegativeLine of Scrimmage5:00
755Spite My FaceLine Of Scrimmage2:15
756Show StoppaLine Of Scrimmage4:39
757At All CostsLine Of Scrimmage3:00
758Then There Were RuinsDead Flesh Fashion3:54
759Redneck Toothpick TragedyDead Flesh Fashion4:33
760HyenaDead Flesh Fashion2:39
761Kafka HighChoose Your Path6:20
762Honor KillingSacred Pledge3:11
763Held AccountableSacred Pledge2:39
764Crush the ZOGSacred Pledge2:44
765Russia DetoXXX - Долой!Russia DetoXXX3:12
767to hell with herReproach1:21
769Biochemical warfareReproach0:48
770SailinґOn (Bad Brains Cover)Mushmouth2:03
772surroundXenemies - ГневsurroundXenemies2:30
773surroundXenemies - Чёрный крестsurroundXenemies2:43
775Protect Ya ChestRise Of The Northstar -4:34
776AIM FOR DA HEAD - You Fucked Your LifeAIM FOR DA HEAD2:24
778AIM FOR DA HEAD - Back On TrackAim For Da Head3:33
779Три ПулиСекта Kidz3:02
780Хардкор поколениеСекта Kidz3:17
781ЧерепахСекта KIDZ2:45
782Dead to FallHIGHFIVE2:54
783Hiv PartyHIGHFIVE1:53
784Too Crew For YouHIGHFIVE3:05
785Worst Nightmare - Sopron Hardcore. Worst Nightmare -2:16
786Worst Nightmare - HoemelkedesWorst Nightmare -1:56
787Worst Nightmare - Ilyen vagyok0 Worst Nightmare -2:14
788Young Blood3HC3:14
789Hardcore CityBORIS БРИТВА1:23
790My Opinion3HC2:10
791Strike You DownCircle Of Death3:28
792Your Time3HC2:13
793My Freedom3HC2:32
794Fuck The WorldCircle Of Death2:34
795The IconsDead Man's Chest4:46
796DoombringerDead Man's Chest4:09
797Cold CuntsDead Man's Chest3:43
798BZ HCGreen Arrows3:01
799War For OilGreen Arrows4:43
800NikeLaosGreen Arrows3:39
801Heathen Son In The Eyes Of BloodHellmouth0:35
802Blackest Of VoidsHellmouth3:07
803God's Forgotten ChildrenHellmouth3:25
804operation dictateSelfless2:14
806seen to be sceneSelfless1:09
807Total WarEarth Crisis3:39
808CounterstrikeEarth Crisis2:42
809No Way Out8CONTROL3:09
810Paint It Black (Rolling StonesDestrophy0:32
811The Horror is HereFukpig3:07
812GenesisHang the Bastard3:47
813Levitation LessonsHang the Bastard3:43
814And We Shall PurifyHanzel Und Gretyl3:37
816Day by DayLifeless2:56
817No Way OutLifeless3:29
818Never Be Afraid To Ever Be AloneMonument To Thieves3:13
819The SpinMonument to Thieves2:57
820No ReprieveNo Reprieve3:01
824Get ThisOne Last Chance2:22
825One Last ChanceOne Last Chance1:20
826Until It BreaksOne Last Chance3:11
828Soul Swallower -Soul Swallower1:16
829Bad Client8CONTROL3:59
830No Surrender8CONTROL2:08
831cold truthGhostxship2:44
832Up against A WallArticles Of Faith2:04
833Change WithinBold2:02
834Kill Your EnemyComplete 3.143:40
835Spit The TruthCrossed The Line2:14
836OursideDEAD WEIGHT2:31
837Turn AwayFloorpunch2:03
838Террорист 1FREERAGE3:18
839Test My WillGuns Up!2:07
840Sheep's SkinLine Of Scrimmage2:45
841Face TomorrowMouthpiece2:46
842Sights are setone x more1:50
843From BirthPulling Teeth2:27
844USAReagan youth1:23
846ErebosShipwreck A.D.1:23
847HelixShipwreck A.D.2:36
848ThawShipwreck A.D.3:05
849Let It DieTurmoil2:55
850Six Demon BagTurmoil0:55
851PropozycjaDown to concrete3:29
852Straight HatexBring It Downx3:27
853Потеря ценностейTMD6372:44
855No Hope, No Future, No SecondSkitSystem2:16
856decayShades of Grey3:18
857My SinsNorth Side Kings3:19
858This is for hardcoreLazare3:24
859Goals are knownLazare3:11
860DelusionHarm's Way2:47
861Ready To AttackFor My Enemy3:18
862More Than Just MusicFinal Prayer2:59
863Down to concrete - EnoughDown to concrete2:55
864Down to concrete - StrongDown to concrete3:06
865No serб la ъltima tormentaDown to agony2:43
866OvercomeCrime Scene2:35
867declare warCreated Hate3:28
868This Is Just A Feeling And You Are Just A MemoryBroken Oath3:05
869FriendshipBroken Oath3:20

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